Monday, March 31, 2008

la escuela

Today began the mark of helping with the difficult, and at times seemingly impossbile, task of home schooling two of the boys, Kerri and Nolan. Mondays and Wednesdays Sarah is home as well and with much resistance is now being schooled at home on those days. Evenutally we made it to lunch time, which meant the end of school and Alison and I were given a much needed break to regroup before free time at 2 pm. Let me just say on a side note that Alison and I love meal time..we kinda look forward to it like someone looks forward to getting a new car or an's that exciting for us!

Tody all the kids were forced to go down for beach time, usually only 3-4 kids tag along for the time and the rest stay behind..I'm not sure how the beach gets old to someone..that will remain a mystery. The kids all played together seemingly well and they caught a crab..I don't know how one does that, but it caused much excitement and so I deemed the group outting a success despite the fact Alison almost became Nolan's catch while he was swinging around his fish hook at the beach...


ZaNdRa said...

Love the face NAS :)

Jason Raschen said...

Sandcastles in the sand = awesome.

Heads up Alison!