Saturday, March 29, 2008

Nuevo Apartmento

So clearly Alison and I can't speak Spanish due to my butchered Spanish even in the title of today's blog, but we're trying! Most people here, including the kids are fluent in English and sadly, due to prejudices between the island and the mainland, the chilren are resistant to learning Spanish and practicing Honduran culture.

Today has been busy. We moved into the volunteer apartment this morning, fully furnished along with mice, which we're thrilled about! Then we attended what we thought was a hot dog/pool party with the children, which we were dissapointed to learn was really just a hot dog party. Which, actually turned out to be just hanging out in the park because they ran out of hot dogs right after we got there..major let down! But, it was fun and the park was ridiculously beautiful. Alison and I had a first with a game of duck-duck-goose not in a circle, but on a bench in a straight line after Shenice, one of the younger girls, convinced us it was was interesting and ridiculous and we loved it!

Tonight the children's home was given two more volunteers from Wisconsin, here till May. Any extra help the home can get is greatly welcomed as the task of caring for these kids and running the place can be overwhelming for the few couples who are now staffed here permanetley. The new directors have only been here a month themselves and due to the instability from the former house parents their is endless work to do here. Most of the kids are grades behind in learning, for example one of the older girls is 17 and is only in grade seven.

That's it for today..moving, the park, and doesn't sound like a lot, but on top of the day to day that happens here we're exhausted!

Peace & Love,
Naseem :)


maggie said...

Hi Naseem and ALison

Sorry to hear about your room mates ... hope the mice will go peacefully !!! It is good to read your blogs, keep them coming! Life goes on in Houston, nice today but a bit humid!! At least we have AC... do you ?? Take care both of you.

Love Maggie xxx

Jason Raschen said...

Good post Naseem.

Wisconsin represent!