Sunday, April 27, 2008


Sorry for slacking on my blog writing...spotty internet, exhaustion, and lack of words had me putting off the task. Today Alison and I got recruited to work in the nursery during Church. Initially we were excited for the task and more than happy to sit with the cute, little, chubby babies that don’t talk back to you...that is until one started screaming and the others followed suit. The room was ill-equipped as a nursery and we are ill-equipped at knowing how to entertain babies. An hour later we were released...a bit sore from toting around a baby on each hip to calm their tears and strangely happy to go back to children that could respond with words...

I’m not really sure what to share in the blog today. I have a lot of thoughts that have been running through my head but I haven’t properly sorted through them enough in my own head to articulate them to others via a blog. Something that has been on my mind a lot this past week is my departure from here and the things I need to make decisions about for when I return home. School, a possible trip to Iran, living arrangements, leaving this place, leaving these kids, having someone else coming and filling my place here..I feel anxious and so unsure about it all. I’m just not sure what direction to take from here and what move is selfish and what move is obedient…

Anyhow, here’s something kinda funny-not to me really but hopefully someone can find humor in my continual misfortunes. When I blogged on Monday I mentioned I had gotten bitten by something on my eye…well turns out it was sea lice and sure enough my right eye was swollen for the next few days until I took a trip to the clinic to get some medicine for it...I literally looked like I had gotten punched in the eye…it was solid!

I hope this blog finds you all in good spirits and bug free…

peace & love,


Jason Raschen said...

Dear Slacker,

Thanks for posting.

Sea lice, yuk!

Now why did you put a picture of that on the blog?

ryansupak said...

The secret to being good with babies is carrying a flask.