Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tiny Dancer

"Tiny Dancer" is proudly playing out of the speakers of my computer, Alison and I are wired with sugar from the cookies made by yours truly, we hacked into Scotty's facebook for the third time and the ninos are off school the next two days due to some random holiday..tonight is a good night!

We lose three volunteers this coming Saturday who are headed back to the land of cheese so our schedule was broken up more so those of us who will remain here can all rest up a bit before we lost the extra "help." It's been nice and given us the afternoons more or less off. Yesterday Scotty Dawg Peckler took us to visit the other orphanage here on the island where we learned a new alternative to taxis-hitch hiking rides (don't worry mom, I only had to show a little leg, JK-I kid, I kid). All joking aside, it was nice to see the other orphanage and see how one that is properly run and set up looks like..very different atmosphere from here. Today after our weekly missional book discussion took place Alison and I went to the coffee shop for an iced beverage and cinnamon roll (yes we had cookies and a cinnamon roll today-it's part of our plan to get skinny) and then were off to read at the dock.

I've been thinking a lot about what it looks like to live holistic missional lives. The misconception that people who go on "missions" trips are really doing anything different than what we're called to do daily from whatever country we reside in. What I've done by coming here is simply moving my life to another country to disciple to another nation other than my own. It seems a lot easier to be focused on living missionally when you're on something deemed as a missions trip because, for me at least, I'm away from a lot of the things that tend to distract me at home and my "work" is to be here. I read something I found interesting and sadly very true today in the book Walking With the said "On Sunday morning or during our devotional or prayer life, we operate in the spiritual realm. The rest of the week, and in our professional lives, we operate in the physical realm and, hence, unwittingly act like functional atheists." I'll expand more on this topic next time I blog..but for now I need to get to bed because morning duty awaits us bright and early..

Peace & Love,


DW said...

I love hearing what y'all are thinking about. I had a conversation yesterday with a friend about the same things--our tendency to think being a servant has to look like this or that, be in a foreign country, involve relocating or whatever we decide. I have been convicted lately that sometimes living sacrificially for Jesus just looks like we keep showing up, being a friend, a presence to someone who needs to be loved. Wow, does that sound corny?! Sorry. Its just that it seems so profound to me that Jesus just asks us to show up. Not that that is as easy as it sounds. Keep up the good work!

Kim VanEe said...

wow, I'm crying my eyes out! I know you dont know me yet I pray you have heard of me. I am "Miss Kim" :) I spent a total of 6 months in Roatan at CSI, 4 months last spring and 2 months over christmas this past year. The reason I'm crying is because I can see the kids are so happy! I know you must have heard so many stories of what its like down there before you got there and I now you know for yourself!!!! I feel so blessed that the kids have someone like you there!

Could you please give Sarah and Shanis the biggest hug for me!!! Also my name is Kim VanEe, if you want to add me on Facebook :) I would love to see more pictures!

WOW ! You are a blessing! Thank you for answering God call!

Jason Raschen said...

Oh Tiny Dancer. For a second I was thinking you said (typed) Private Dancer. Big difference.

Thank goodness for random holidays.

That’s what I love about the good old USA. All the distractions. I mean, if they weren’t here what would I do with all my free time? 80)

Nice post Naseem. Get some rest and then expand more on this.

jcr said...

Hold Me Closer Tony Danza.

DW is right. We tend to tag "missionary work" as something that requires a journey to another land, a day trip into the inner city, or some other service project that is temporary in nature. And God bless those people (like Alison and Naseem) who sacrificially serve others in the name of Christ. But let's not forget that we exist in a "mission field" 24/7/365.

Ali, I know of no one better at showing up than your folks. Thank you for continuing that legacy.