Monday, April 21, 2008

Mi amo bug bites

Alison and I have developed a drinking habit here on Roatan. We now must have a Canada dry and/or chocolate milk every night or we get the shakes. Call for concern? Maybe. We can probably use all the help we can get, let's just be honest. It's been one of those days where I found myself slipping to my room as often as possible..I notice these days increase as the number of days I'm here progresses. I'm not really sure what set it off today.

Sarah, the 11 year old we home school, is being taught a lesson this week and instead of being in school she is working at another orphanage here on the island to learn several lessons but one being that school is a reward. Ideally, she will come back to school a little more motivated next week with a bit better understanding of the privilege of school. We'll see. That said school went over seemingly well with the two boys. Lunch time arrived rather quickly which is always anti climatic. We decided to satiate are hunger after lunch with a chocolate snack pack topped off with some me it's delicious! Beach time was bit hectic..the kids seemed especially wired and ran wild on one of the docks..we all got home in one piece though, however and no surprise here (seeing as every strange thing or problem a person can get I manage to) I came home with some rather large bites under my right eye. With my luck my eye should be swollen shut by the time I wake up tomorrow..

Nothing terribly important to report on but I will share this little tid bit I find humorous. So for those of you that know me you know my feet are covered by tattoos. I was told I would need to cover them while I was here due to cultural issues. Well, that didn't last long. By now all the kids have seen my tattoos and every once in awhile they comment about them but it's a pretty mute topic. Gabriel at one point asked me why I had them and told me tattoos were bad..I took his words into consideration and smiled. Another day Shenice looked at my feet and asked me how come they were still there. Then the other day we were sitting on the dock and I felt some cold water being poured on my foot and I look over to see Kerry who is now rubbing one of my feet with his fingers. He then looks up at me perplexed seconds later and asks why it's not rubbing off...and on that note I hope all is well back home and thanks for always leaving my posts exactly 2 comments and Alison's hard feelings..JERKS! (I would of inserted a winky face there but I've sorta decided the winky face is creepy)..

Peace & Love,

p.s. we finally did the "about me" section..check it out..a lot of heart was put into that


Anonymous said...

UPS deliver down there? Sounds like that Canada Dry could use some pleasant additives on those days (or minutes) when you feel like holing up in your room.

Don't be discouraged. May his name be known through you.

Matt Davis said...

Those pesky bugs.... Ugh.

Perhaps they serve as a perpetual reminder of the nagging-for-attention sin that permeates this broken-but-groaning-for-redemption world. But do we stop? Do we surrender? No way.

Raggamuffin said...

Tattoos? I'm guessing the bugs were a judgement by God. ;P Creepy winky face with tongue sticking out...Bonus Points!

ryansupak said...

I think you get less comments because Alison usually makes some comment on "life, the universe, and everything" whilst you stick to a ore diary-esque account of day-to-day happenings.

That being said, I do have a question: if you really had to lay down the law on the kids, whom would you appeal to? (Or, would you just have Scott come and give them the evil-eye?)


ryansupak said...

ps - Scott's current FB photo is a reasonable facsimile of what I'm referring to...

alison and naseem said...

hmm..explain a bit better what you mean about who I would appeal to if I had to lay down the line? We're not quite following? And I def. write in a diary-esque form as this blog is an account for both Alison and I to get out daily thoughts, stories, etc..

ryansupak said...

Hey duders,

I mean, for instance, if one of the kids starting throwing a shouting tantrum and absolutely wouldn't mind you guys.

Or, has that happened already?

Love yer blog,

alison and naseem said... ya. We don't deal with the kids when they get to that escelated of a level-we are supposed to call for backup or help and one of the guys deals with it due to the strength most of the boys have if they are going to respond physically...shouting we deal with to a level before we need a guys backup as well. Poor Scotty dawg got it bad yesterday and has a battle wound on his left eye! eek, but it turned out God made something good out of that situation-that God-he's so clever! :)

Jason Raschen said...

Drinking problem huh? It happens to the best Ecclesians.

Who you calling a jerk? 80)