Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Ninos

Teasing, punches being thrown, lost shoes, name calling, tears, pouting children, and it's only 7 am..geez! We picked the wrong day to have morning duty! Our days continue to consist of a daily struggle with school, the much anticipated lunch time which means not just food but the end of school (hallelujah!), the just as glorious hour or so of "quiet" time, beach time, worship, dinner, and then the day quickly comes to an end and it starts all over again always a little different, a little more frustrating with some things and a little easier with others...

My friend Nathan asked us for info on each staff and child so I will give a very brief description on each one along with ages(sorry no profile pictures!) far as staff goes we work with two adult couples and four volunteers who leave at the beginning of May and three more volunteers will then arrive..I'll group the kids by families..

Debra (19), Theresa (17), Gardina (15), Ricky (14), and half-brother Brandon (9)..Debra moved out a week ago Saturday to live with her grandmother..this family pretty much sticks together and keeps to themselves (which makes it hard to talk, connect, etc. with them) we still struggle getting even so much as a hello back from most of them..Brandon is the hardest one to connect with and gives the most evil, death stares to us..Alison jokingly says it but if looks could kill we would both be gonners..Brandon is the one who told on us for taking that extra 1/2 a slice of banana bread and this is how a conversation (not sure that is the correct term) between him and Alison went earlier..
Brandon: walks in door from school..
Alison: Hey Brandon, how was school?
Brandon: glares..
Alison: Trying to lighten things up jokingly says "That good, huh?"
Brandon: STOP IT!..glares again and runs off (oh geez!)
..they are all absolutley BEAUTIFUL and sadly full of so much pain..the mother is still present in their lives and they usually are with her on weekends..

Sarah (12) and Kerry (9)..Sarah is hilarious-she is going through a rough time dealing with being a twelve year old girl and so one minute she's happy and the next it's the end of the world! Dramatic as any girl and moody no doubt! Kerry is the class clown..he is always loud and silly unless, of course, it's school time and he doesn't want to do it..sometimes I think it would be easier getting Brandon to smile than it is to get Kerry to do work when he's set on not doing it!..they have a grandma who they seem to visit on weekends usually..

Nolan (10) and Shenice (7)..Nolan is super sweet and from what I've observed he gets picked on a lot which causes him to act out. He asks a million and ten questions all the time and lets be honest it gets annoying, but you can't help but love him even when he and Kerry are incessantly whining during school. Shenice would love on anyone because she is seven and she loves the attention. She is either an absolute joy or an absolute pain. Today she couldn't find her white shoes for school cause apparently someone threw them down the field and it was a total meltdown!..their mom visits every once in awhile, but never often..

David (12)..David cracks me up..their's something about this kid I love so dearly! He is super smart and he knows it..He is full of so much character, potential, and life in him..the greatest thing about David is all you have to do is tickle him and he is a little more willing to behave (at least until he can run away)..I'm going to go ahead and admit this before it gets out that he beat me in arm wrestling tonight..I know I'm not strong, but I got beat by a 12 year old boy..that's just embarrassing!..we have a hilarious video of David, but I can't get it to load..I've been trying for over a week!!!

Gabriel (7)..he goes 130 MPH all the all the kids he is either sweet or ornery and he is usually always getting himself into trouble and than trying to act all innocent about the matter and charm his way out of it..sneaky little brat, gotta love it!

Sweet little Jefferie (somewhere between 2 1/2-4-we aren't really sure!) He is a hoot! He cracks me up all the time and he is a sponge absorbing EVERYTHING around him-the good and the bad. His catch phrase is "excuse me, excuse me I (insert word)"'s usually always cute in his little voice especially when he came prancing downstairs the other night in a new pair of pajamas and some girl socks 2 sizes too big that he wanted to show us all..this little kid wins my heart more everyday..

I hope you all have a little bit of a better picture of all the kids now since we do name drop and it's hard to remember you all don't know them like we know's hard to tell how much to share and I have so many stories to attach to each one, but their's not enough space on here and you can go ahead and admit you don't have the patience-it's kinda like a mom talking about her get it, they're so cute!..Can I go now?!..

Peace & Love,
naseem :)


Anonymous said...

vicarious community.

Hmm.... I pray that Brandon softens. Did something really traumatic happen there?


Matt Davis said...

I find it very interesting that these children seem to exhibit either/or personalities (either they're engaging or just stubbornly intransigent). Both show their longing for attention. I will add these things to my upcoming prayers. May God provide you with the strength and wisdom to be their fulcrum, balancing them between such extremes, settling their hearts to consider the constant faithfulness of God our Father.

Jason Raschen said...

Not a good way to start the morning.

Thanks for posting the kids mini-bio’s. Very cool.